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China wants equality with other countries: what Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said at a video conference with representatives of the US Council on Foreign Relations

Wang Yi 1024x576 copyChina wants equality with other countries, and does not want to "look down on someone from above or from below," Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said during a video conference with representatives of the Council on Foreign Relations of the United States.

"The development and rebirth of China depends on our own efforts, not on aggression and expansion. China is doing everything to ensure that our people live an even happier life, and not to replace or defeat someone, " the Chinese foreign Minister said. He noted that the United States has the guts to say that Beijing no longer respects Washington, but in fact, China stands for mutual respect and equality. "We focus on the equality we want, we don't want to look down on someone or look up to them," he said. According to Wang Yi, China does not recognize that there is a country in this world that is superior to others, and also does not accept when someone seeks to give orders to other countries based on a position of strength.

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