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Strong friendly relations: China and Russia celebrate 20th anniversary of the signing of the treaty on good neighborliness

6GmBITO4XfGHLM3VURZpUBn4Z3ZRSEmyThis year China and Russia celebrate the 20th anniversary of the signing of the treaty on good neighborliness.

The leaders of the People's Republic of China and Russia sent their congratulations to the 9th meeting on the occasion of the Russian-Chinese dialogue between the ruling parties, which was held online.

During the meeting, Chinese Leader Xi Jinping warmly congratulated all the participants of the event.

He noted that Russia and China have established strong friendly relations that can serve as an example for other countries.

Relations between Russia and China are characterized by mutual trust and promote beneficial cooperation for both countries, - he said.

According to Xi, Russia and China are the world's major powers and they should strengthen their strategic coordination, promote common development and prosperity, and play a major role in ensuring international justice.

The Chinese leader expressed hope that the two countries will express their positions on further strategic cooperation and will be able to reach an agreement on this issue.

In turn, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the dialogue between Russia and China has always been and remains an important part of the strategic partnership between the two countries.

Both countries pay great attention to discussing the issue of bilateral cooperation and the formation of socio-political initiatives for legislative work, - he said.

Vladimir Putin noted that he hopes for friendship and mutual understanding between the two countries in the future.

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