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The Chinese Foreign Ministry called the panda study the epitome of friendship between Spain and China


This statement was made by the Chinese Foreign Ministry's official representative Wang Wenbin.

At the briefing, Wang Wenbin said that the research and breeding of large pandas can make a significant contribution to protecting these animals from extinction. He also called the joint work in this area the embodiment of friendship between China and Spain.

According to him, the fascination with big pandas stimulated personnel and cultural exchanges between the two countries, thereby strengthening friendship between the Chinese and Spanish peoples. Wang Wenbin also expressed hope for further cooperation in this area.

As part of the cooperation, pandas named Jin Xi and Zhu Yu from the Chinese province of Sichuan will be sent to the Madrid Zoo on April 29, where they will spend 10 years. In early March, their predecessors, pandas Bing Xing and Hua Zui Ba, returned to the country from Spain with three cubs.