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Chinese authorities plan to create 12 million new jobs in 2024


This became known at the opening of the 2nd session of the National People's Congress of the 14th convocation.

The report published at the opening of the session indicated that the unemployment rate in China this year will be approximately 5.5%. This indicator takes into account the increase in risks and challenges in terms of the functioning of the economy, as well as increased pressure in the field of employment of specially selected categories of the population.

In 2023, according to estimates by the State Statistical Office of the People's Republic of China, 12.44 million new jobs were created in China. In the same year, the unemployment rate fell by 0.4 percentage points to 5.2%.

The indicator reflects the situation on the labor market only in cities, the department stressed. Due to the specifics of key factors, regular reports do not take into account data on the rural employment market. The Chinese government plans to create more than 12 million new jobs in large population centers in 2024.