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750 thousand tourists visited Hong Kong during the holidays on the occasion of the Year of the Dragon


This was reported by the Hong Kong newspaper The Standard.

During the four-day holidays, the overall hotel occupancy rate in Hong Kong was about 90%. From February 10 to 13, China celebrated the New Year of the Green Wooden Dragon according to the lunar calendar. It came on the night of February 10th.

According to The Standard newspaper, about 750 thousand travelers entered the city in four days, of which 650 thousand came from mainland China. Also, more than 40 thousand people visited Hong Kong as part of tourist groups.

On New Year's Eve, tens of thousands of Hong Kong residents and visitors visited one of the largest Taoist temples in Wontaixin City to pray for well-being, luck and health. Visiting Taoist and Buddhist temples on the first days of the New year is an ancient Chinese tradition.