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China is preparing to celebrate the Year of the Green Wooden Dragon


The spring festival – Chunjie – will come on the night of February 10th.

Chinese residents will rest and celebrate for a week, until February 17th. On the eve of the New Year, the streets of Chinese cities are decorated with red lanterns, hieroglyphs that mean "happiness", and figures of dragons. The dragon is a symbol of China and occupies an important place in the culture of the state.

One of the traditions of the holiday is to update the wardrobe, so now the Chinese are actively buying clothes. It is considered a good omen to wear red things – they ward off evil spirits and protect from bad events.

It is customary to celebrate the holiday with parents and relatives. On the eve of Chunjie, business and socio-political life in China is becoming less active, people walk and communicate more. Also, before the Spring Festival, you need to do a lot of cleaning to enter the new year clean and tidy. It is believed that this helps to get rid of the failures and problems of the past year.