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More than 92 thousand tourists have visited Hainan on a visa-free basis since March 2023


The data of the local migration department was published by the Itsai Global resource.

More than 92,000 foreign travelers have visited Hainan, the southern province of China, without a visa since March last year. Visa-free travel has been restored for tourist groups from 59 countries, writes Icai Global.

Such a regime for guests from around the world was introduced in the PRC in 2000 and initially extended to 21 countries, and later was expanded to 59. In 2020, its operation was suspended due to the epidemic of coronavirus infection.

On March 15, 2023, the country was reopened to tourists. Currently, travelers from 40 European countries, six countries of North and South America, as well as Australia and New Zealand can visit Hainan. Since 2018, more than 870 thousand foreign travelers have been registered who have used visa-free travel. By 2025, the Hainan authorities plan to turn the island into an international center for tourism and consumption.