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In China, the population has decreased due to record mortality rates


This was reported by Bloomberg with reference to data from the National Bureau of Statistics of the People's Republic of China.

According to the agency, the population of China has decreased by more than 2 million, to 1.41 billion people. This is twice as much as the same indicator last year. The death rate rose to 11.1 million people, which was a record since 1960 and almost 700 thousand higher than in 2022.

The mortality rate probably increased due to the epidemic of coronavirus infection — in December 2022, restrictions imposed due to the pandemic were lifted in China. The birth rate in the country in 2023 became the lowest since the founding of the republic — 9.02 million children.

According to experts, the aging of the population and a decrease in the birth rate in China may lead to structural changes in economic growth, especially in consumption. China is one of the East Asian countries trying to stop the decline in the birth rate.