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The Head of China Xi Jinping inspected water diversion project in Nanyang city

EfwitKSVoAAXWiM copyChinese President Xi Jinping made work visit to the city of Nanyang, where he checked on the implementation of the project of diverting water from the south to the North.

He also visited Sichuan County, where he toured the mouth of the Taocha Canal, the Danjiankou Reservoir, and Zouzhuang village.

The head of China asked about the construction, management and operation of the middle route of the water intake project.

In addition, he asked some questions about the ecological conservation of the territory of water sources.

Xi Jinping also was told about the resettlement of people whose homes were located on the territory of the project. In addition, he also got to know about increasing the income of resettled residents and measures to develop specialized industries.

During the inspection, Xi stopped at the wheat fields to check on crop growth and learn about the progress in the production of summer grain.

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