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In China, a citizen of a third country who was engaged in espionage in favor of Britain was exposed


This is stated in a statement released on January 8 by the Ministry of State Security of China.

The document says that in 2015, the British intelligence service MI6 recruited a citizen of a third country for espionage activities against China. The foreigner received special training in Britain and was provided with special espionage equipment.

According to the state security authorities of the People's Republic of China, Huang came to China several times, where he engaged in espionage activities. For 8 years, the foreigner provided MI6 with 9 sets of confidential information related to state secrets of the "top secret" degree, and five sets of state secrets of the "secret" degree.

The special services of the People's Republic of China immediately took measures to organize a consular visit for the suspect. The rights of a foreign citizen will be fully respected.