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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China called for the abandonment of military provocations in the South China Sea


This was stated at a briefing by Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin.

China demands respect for the efforts of countries to maintain a stable situation in the South China Sea, Wang Wenbin stressed. Military provocations do not contribute to a favorable maritime situation in China, he believes. In this regard, the Republic calls for an end to irresponsible actions in this region.

On January 3, it became known that the United States, together with the Philippines, began joint patrols of several sites in the South China Sea. The People's Liberation Army of China had to mobilize the Air Force and Navy to conduct scheduled patrols of the sea on January 3 and 4.

The dispute over the territorial affiliation of several islands in the South China Sea has been going on for several decades. We are talking primarily about the Xisha Archipelago, the islands of Nansha and Huangyan (Scarborough Reef).