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By the end of 2023, China will become the world's largest exporter of cars for the first time due to sales growth in Russia


Deliveries of cars from China to the markets of Russia and Mexico have increased, the Nikkei newspaper reported.

During the period from January to November 2023, exports of cars assembled in China increased by almost 60%, according to the Chinese Association of Automobile Manufacturers. This figure is higher than that of Japan, which in recent years has occupied the first place in the ranking of world car exporters.

One of the main factors in strengthening China's position was an increase in sales in the Russian market. Due to the sanctions, European and Japanese companies left the Russian Federation. In 11 months of the year, China delivered about 730 thousand cars to Russia. This is seven times more than in the whole of 2022.

In addition, car shipments from China to Mexico increased by 71%. China is also actively producing cars powered by alternative energy sources. They are gaining popularity not only in Europe, but also in Southeast Asian countries.