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Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin called for negotiations on the non-deployment of weapons in space


For many years, China has been submitting a relevant resolution to the UN General Assembly every year, he said.

The resolution calls on all countries to end the arms race in outer space and begin negotiations on an agreement on this issue as soon as possible. According to Wang Wenbin, the majority votes for such a decision, which means that the international community supports this thesis.

Nevertheless, there are states that do not want their military power to be restrained in development, the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs believes. China hopes that they will change their minds and participate constructively in the negotiations on a legal instrument on arms control in outer space.

All countries should protect the order based on international law, Wang Wenbin stressed. The resolution on the inadmissibility of the deployment of weapons in outer space was supported by 127 countries — 5 more than in 2022. 50 opposed it, and 6 more abstained from voting.