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The Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia for the Amur Region and Heilongjiang Province signed a cooperation agreement


They will conduct joint search and rescue exercises, according to the website of the regional Ministry of Emergency Situations.

According to Igor Smirnov, Head of the Main Directorate of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Amur Region, the meeting with Chinese colleagues was very productive. Experts discussed joint search and rescue exercises on the Amur River in the area of the international bridge crossing.

According to him, the exercises will help improve the skills of the rescue units of both countries. Cooperation between the operational services of the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China has been going on for about 14 years, Smirnov stressed.

It was also decided at the meeting to continue joint patrolling of the international bridge crossing between Blagoveshchensk and Heihe on the Amur River. In addition, the leadership of the Ministry of Emergency Situations invited representatives of the People's Republic of China to take part in water-motor competitions in the summer of 2024.