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Chinese President Xi Jinping calls to develop traditional Chinese culture

5c82100ba3106c65fffe4325Chinese President Xi Jinping has called on people who work in the field of philosophy and social sciences to promote the evolution and growth of fine traditional Chinese culture in new and creative ways.

Xi, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, made the remarks when writing back on Sunday to editors of the Journal of Chinese Humanities.

Xi spoke of the importance of a profound understanding of the Chinese civilization to let the world better know and understand China, and urged efforts to combine theories and practices to expound how to better uphold the Chinese path, promote the Chinese spirit, and pool together the Chinese strength.

Xi urged the journal to remain true to its original aspiration, lead innovation, produce more high-quality works, support the growth of distinguished experts and boost international academic exchanges.

In the past 70 years since it started publication, the journal -- under the Party's leadership -- has done a lot of work to promote Chinese civilization and enrich academic research, Xi said, applauding these efforts which have won recognition from home and abroad.

Founded in May 1951, the journal is the country's oldest comprehensive academic journal on humanities as xinhuanet.com informs.