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The International Sailing Regatta starts on November 23 in Hainan Province


It will be the 12th in a row, according to the local information resource "Nanhaiwan".

330 yachtsmen from 16 countries and regions of the world are planning to take part in the regatta. The start will be made from the city of Sanya, where the teams will have to return at the end of the route.

The prize fund of the competition is 300 thousand yuan or more than 42 thousand dollars. The full route of the regatta provides a passage around the entire island of Hainan, half of the distance is marked by the city of Wanning. All along the way, the teams will have access to ports for an emergency stop.

At the end of the race, the winner will be determined – it will be the vessel that overcame the full distance first. Prizes will also be awarded to the teams that first cross the lines separating the different stages of the races.

The International Sailing Regatta has been held since 2010 and is an annual event. However, the previous race was held in December 2020, after which a forced break was made due to anti-weed restrictions.