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Vice President of the People's Republic of China Han Zheng said that the Chinese economy is on the rise


He said this in Singapore at a meeting with American billionaire Michael Bloomberg, founder of the Bloomberg New Economy Forum.

The meeting with the billionaire took place at the sixth forum of the international platform. According to Han Zheng, China is experiencing an economic recovery this year and continues to play a leading role among the world's largest economies.

The Chinese economy is deeply integrated with the economy of the rest of the world, the Deputy Chairman of the People's Republic of China stressed. The country will steadily promote a high level of openness to the outside world. China is also ready to provide more market and investment opportunities to share the benefits of its institutional openness with global companies.

China is ready to strengthen ties and dialogue with the American side and promote mutually beneficial cooperation, Han Zheng said. In this way, countries will be able to make joint efforts to solve global problems.