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The Chinese Foreign Ministry said that the Pentagon's report on the military power of the People's Republic of China ignores the facts


He also forms a false idea about the alleged Chinese nuclear threat, according to Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Mao Ning.

We are talking about a report on China's military power, which the Pentagon handed over to the US Congress. It claims that the PRC's nuclear arsenal includes more than 500 operatively deployed warheads, and by 2030 their number may exceed 1 thousand.

This report is full of prejudice and neglects the facts, she said at a briefing. Beijing keeps its nuclear arsenal at a minimum level to ensure national security, Mao Ning stressed.

The threat of China's nuclear weapons is absent for the countries of the world. The exception is states that will use such weapons against the PRC or threaten to do so, the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

Mao Ning called on the United States to stop being guided by the ideas of the Cold War and the logic of hegemony. They should take "real actions to ensure sustainable Sino-American interstate and inter-army relations."