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The Chinese authorities said that the EU measures on steel imports violate the trade order


The country strongly opposes that they are abused "through unilateral policies and protectionism," said He Yadong, an official representative of the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China.

He Yadong warned that the Chinese authorities will monitor the EU's anti-subsidy investigation into the products of Chinese steel companies. Measures to support trade should be resorted to with caution, he said.

The European Union has been taking various restrictive measures against imported steel products for a long time, according to an official representative of the Ministry of Commerce. More than 60 anti-dumping cases have already been opened, on the basis of which countermeasures have been taken against many countries.

He Yadong added that the EU steel market is characterized by high prices, and also has many trade barriers. Such actions violate the order in international trade. The Chinese authorities will closely monitor the behavior of the European side.