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Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi received a delegation of U.S. senators in Beijing

90b443995c9f430b9b2f6d67e103c2c3On Monday, October 9, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi received a bipartisan delegation of the US Senate in Beijing.

The delegation was headed by Senator Chuck Schumer. The senators held a working meeting with the secretary of the Shanghai Committee of the Communist Party of China, Chen Jinping, according to China Central Television. The Chinese Foreign Ministry did not announce the visit of American representatives.
Chen Jining said that healthy and stable Sino-American relations are beneficial for both countries and for the whole world. Other details of the meeting are not provided by Chinese television.
The United States delegation began its visit to China on October 7. After Beijing, the senators plan to go to the city of Xi'an. Then they will go to Japan and South Korea. The trips take place during the October break in the work of the upper house of the American Congress, CBS News reported.