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Taiwan said that 11 Chinese aircraft entered their air defense zone

EJeioG L7rUGI37ZjlqlUA4k7kGrM9eXLYFXA1Y7zwUlrAOwcqH8p88C6lu0lYIkVjgjdjbuHQdw SHvzz37lJs5At least 11 aircraft of the People's Liberation Army of China (PLA) entered Taiwan's air defense identification zone on Tuesday morning.

This is stated in a statement on the website of the Taiwan Defense Ministry.
"On the morning of October 3, PLA aircraft were found, including J-10, J-16, Su-30 fighters, Y-8 and Y-9 aircraft, as well as unmanned aerial vehicles. Of these, 11 aircraft crossed the middle line of the Taiwan Strait and entered the identification zone of the island's air defense to the north and southwest of it in order to conduct joint combat patrols with ships of the People's Republic of China," the document says.
It is noted that the Taiwanese army responded by using aircraft, ships, as well as ground-based anti-aircraft missile systems to monitor targets.
As the Taiwanese newspaper Taiwan News reported earlier, in September, Taiwan's defense ministry reported a total of 565 PLA aircraft flying near the island. Of these, 225 entered the identification zone of the island's air defense. In addition, in September, the largest PLA operation in the area of the island for at least several years was recorded in a day: on September 18, 103 military aircraft of the armed forces of the People's Republic of China were detected near Taiwan, writes TASS.