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The Chinese Film Festival will be held in three Russian cities in September

b768428130ffd77d092ee6035b3fa5cbThe Chinese Film Festival will be held in Kazan, Moscow and St. Petersburg in September.

This was announced by the acting Director General of Roskino Ekaterina Naumova at the opening ceremony of the Russian Film Festival in Beijing.
"We know that the Chinese audience has known and loved Russian cinema since the Soviet era <...>. But the Russian audience is also looking forward to Chinese cinema. We are very interested in watching modern Chinese cinema, we receive such requests from the audience. Therefore, in September, a counter event will be held in three cities of Russia - screenings of Chinese cinema. The Chinese Film Festival will be organized in Kazan, Moscow and St. Petersburg," Naumova said.
Within the framework of the Russian Film Festival, which takes place from August 27 to September 3 on the territory of three Chinese cities - Heihe, Beijing and Suzhou - six Russian films will be shown: the disaster film "Bullfinch" (2023) by Boris Khlebnikov, the sports drama "Bull Terrier" (2022) Vasily Bystrov, "Start Over" (2022) by Irina Gobozashvili and "Eleven Silent Men" (2021) by Alexey Pimanov, Alexander Hunt's crime drama "Offseason" (2021), as well as the film "Whaler" (2020) by Philip Yuryev.
The event is supported by the Ministry of Culture of Russia and the China Film Art Research Center. The organizer is the company "Roskino", writes "TASS".