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The UAE and China have launched joint air force exercises

hn5yTtFtSOCqY5C0xkCR1NkivZN9w 05tQHnZduYpft3y1WUBlCuS87eCJieiEiy Fwh3VAeluqtLPzzt5UF1tF7T19sEDvee Djg8y4V0IKQeUaD5KyFaEYzw9BMMkg WWxEsIqm2jTpnNkFgeRoaKZnAsJTClUEnbWR0VK5CaFThe air Forces of the United Arab Emirates and China have started joint exercises "Falcon Shield 2023".

This is stated in a statement by the UAE Ministry of Defense, published on the department's page on the social network X (formerly Twitter).
"The Air Force of the UAE Ministry of Defense announces the start of the Falcon Shield 2023 exercise, which will be held jointly with the air force of the Ministry of National Defense of China," the statement said. As the ministry noted, the exercises are held on the territory of the People's Republic of China in order to "exchange experience and improve the combat capability of the personnel of the two friendly countries."
On July 31, the Ministry of Defense of China announced joint military air exercises with the UAE in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, writes TASS.