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China to strengthen security controls on the use of facial recognition technologies

photo 2023 08 09 01 42 11 copyThe Chinese authorities intend to tighten control over the safety of the use of facial recognition technologies.

According to the Chinese Cyberspace Administration, a new regulation will be introduced on an experimental basis for this purpose.
According to the "Rules for monitoring the Safe Use of Facial Recognition Technologies" published on Tuesday by the Chinese regulator, it will be possible to access the relevant personal data "only for special purposes and if there is a proper need." The document emphasizes that their processing is allowed to be engaged "in the presence of strict protection measures."
It clarifies that "if possible, it is necessary to give priority to other technical recognition methods using non-biological criteria." According to these rules, the corresponding equipment in China is prohibited from being used in hotel rooms, saunas, changing rooms and toilets.
The document focuses on the protection of personal data, as well as specifies the procedures that must be followed to obtain official permission to use these technologies.
This project is carried out with the participation of the Ministry of Industry and Informatization of the People's Republic of China, it is supervised by law enforcement agencies and the State Administration for Market Control. The suppression of offenses in this area will be carried out in accordance with the legislation of the People's Republic. In particular, fines are imposed, and in case of crimes - criminal liability, writes TASS.