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China plans to use two rockets to fly to the moon in 2030

000025 1689180452 576625 bigChina is going to use two launch vehicles in a lunar mission planned for 2030: one will launch a crewed spacecraft into space, and the other will deliver a lander.

This was stated on Wednesday by Zhang Hailan, Deputy Chief Engineer of China's Manned Space Flight Program, at the 9th Chinese Commercial Aerospace Forum held in Wuhan.
Zhang Hailan, quoted by the Xinhua news Agency, said that the ship and the lunar module will dock in the orbit of the Moon. The Taikonauts will move into the lander, which will then land on the surface. After conducting research and collecting samples, the mission participants, whose number has not yet been announced, will return to the ship, which will go back to Earth.
Zhang Hailan also demonstrated mock-ups and conceptual images of the Changzheng-10 launch vehicle, lander, lunar rover and other equipment.
In January 2004, the State Council of the People's Republic of China approved the national Lunar exploration program. In January 2019, a Chinese spacecraft reached its reverse side. The mission was carried out by the Chang'e-4 interplanetary automatic station with the Yutu-2 lunar rover, TASS writes.