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Cardiac surgeons of Russia and China have signed an agreement for joint treatment of pulmonary hypertension

article 5039815202 6d988c9aca bThe Russian-Chinese cooperation agreement for the joint treatment of patients with cardiovascular diseases, in particular, with various forms of pulmonary hypertension, was concluded by employees of the Meshalkin National Medical Research Center (NMIC) in Novosibirsk and the First University Clinic in Nanjing (China).

The agreement was signed in the TASS press center on Friday.
"We want to create a multicenter international project for the treatment of patients with pulmonary hypertension using pulmonary artery denervation, that is, to cover the entire group of patients with this pathology, all four groups. <...> Approximately the start of the project, when we want to jointly recruit patients for this study, is approximately September 2023," he said Alexander Romanov, Deputy Director General for Science of the NMC named after ak. E. N. Meshalkin.
He added that within the framework of the agreement, it is planned to develop a large block of areas in the field of treatment of patients with cardiovascular diseases, interventional cardiology, training programs and exchange of clinical experience. The first joint project will be the development of a single method of treating patients with pulmonary hypertension, a disease that has different clinical manifestations and is difficult to treat. According to the surgeon, this pathology affects about 1% of the total population, that is, about 80 million people, writes TASS.