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China may start selling chips for brain-computer communication

3ebf32fda38fc94415e00A group of Chinese scientists from Fudan University has created a special chip that connects the brain to a computer.

Information is transmitted between the device and nerve cells, the new product will cost less than its European counterparts, and its sale is expected in September this year. Chinese researchers have designed the first wireless interface, which is a tandem "brain-computer". Technically, this device will allow you to conduct experiments on laboratory animals.

The new compact chip is expected to be freely available on the market, the device weighs less than 3 grams, and the best Western counterparts - 27 grams.

The named device, created by Chinese scientists, requires three milliwatts of energy, a micro-battery is enough for 24 hours of continuous operation of the device, while providing round-the-clock recording of neuronal impulses.

This development will be in demand by various scientific laboratories that conduct experiments on animals.

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