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The festival of culture on Hainan with a performance on a nasal flute attracted 80 thousand people

30894228488 5f6674ebba oMore than 80 thousand people attended the Third Festival of Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Nanshan Tourism Zone in Sanya on Hainan Island.

According to the newspaper "Sanya Zhibao", the final event of this event was a musical performance on a nasal flute.
According to the publication, this time during the festival, which lasted eight days, special emphasis was placed on the combination of tradition and modernity. It presented the culture of Sanya, the Lingshui Autonomous County adjacent to it from the east, the cities of Wuzhishan (the central part of the island) and Danzhou (northwest), as well as the county of Tunchang (the center of the province).
In addition to the artistic program, visitors to the Nanshan zone were attracted by the gastronomic delights of Hainan demonstrated there. The festival was held in partnership with the tourist area of Dazu (Chongqing, Southwest China), known for its rock reliefs dating back to the VII-X centuries.
According to Liu Chunli, the head of the Hainan Tourist Sites Association, who heads the operator company of the Nanshan zone, this year the government-supervised festival was held with the active support of the public. According to him, the event made it possible to significantly enrich the cultural and entertainment program that local travel agencies offer to vacationers.
Intangible heritage festivals in the Nanshan Tourism Zone have been held regularly since 2021. Their goal is to familiarize the international and Chinese public with the multilateral and distinctive culture of Hainan in more detail, writes TASS.