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Chinese cinema is planned to be shown in Moscow cinemas

1575290343 0 171 3072 1899 1920x0 80 0 0 4022569f8bb45ee854e07febc02ed939Chinese films are planned to be shown in Moscow cinemas as part of the development of cultural cooperation.

This was announced at a press conference in TASS by the CEO of Moskino Natalia Mokritskaya.
"Chinese colleagues showed Russian cinema. And it is a great success. <...> And we turn this story around and want to show Chinese cinema. Especially in today's situation, when we lack a spectacular movie," said Mokritskaya.
According to her, the cinema of China is the hallmark of its culture. "Cinematographers have a long-term friendship with China. And Chinese cinema has a very long history, which few people know about," she stressed.
As the CEO noted, Chinese viewers have always loved Soviet cinema. The authorities supplied Soviet cinema on a permanent basis to China. "We, in turn, knew only the author's segment of Chinese cinema. Because it was the author's cinema that began to appear at international festivals in the 1980s, 1990s and early 2000s: "Heroes", "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" and the like. We saw only the top," said Mokritskaya.
In her opinion, today the cinema of China is developing by leaps and bounds, an outstanding genre cinema is being created.. writes "TASS".
"For many years, weeks of Russian and Chinese cinema have been held. Our cinema was shown in Beijing and other major provincial cities. Unfortunately, with the pandemic, this initiative has stalled. Today, Moscow cinema is renewing this tradition. I highly appreciate this initiative and believe that it must be done," concluded Mokritskaya.