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Ruins of a settlement that existed more than 3 thousand years ago have been discovered in China

988Chinese archaeologists have excavated a settlement that existed more than 3 thousand years ago.

This was reported on Friday by Xinhua news agency.
The ruins of the settlement were found on the territory of the present village of Zhaoyao near the city of Uan in Hebei Province in northern China. The settlement occupied an area of about 220 thousand square meters. meters. The settlement originated in the middle of the Shang period (1600-1046 BC).
Archaeologists have discovered roads, pottery kilns, waterways channels, ruins of houses. They also unearthed pottery, bone-carved hairpins and pieces of turtle shell used for divination. It was found that inside each of the houses there was a heating system resembling a traditional Chinese kang - an elevation through which a chimney was passed. Even today, the Kans replace the bed in many peasant houses.
The settlement, according to the head of the department of archaeological research of the Shang and Zhou dynasties at the Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology of Hebei Province, Wei Shuguang, the settlement could be the center of a tribe or an ancient kingdom. According to the archaeologist, the layout of the settlement was rational, and the heating system can help researchers get an idea of the climate in Northern China at that time, writes TASS.