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Electronic literature of China is becoming more and more popular in other countries

librosMore than 150 million readers from different countries are interested in Chinese fiction. Such data for the end of 2022, follows from the report of the Writers' Union of China.

The PRC has sold about 16 thousand electronic works of fiction abroad, according to a report published by the Writers' Union of China.
About 40% of Chinese fiction lovers and readers live in Southeast Asian countries,
Hu Bansheng, a representative of the Writers' Union of China, said that the electronic format of publications makes it possible to actively distribute high-quality literature.
"It is necessary to take full advantage of the distribution of electronic books and promote the export of higher-quality electronic literary works that embody the spirit and values of China," he said.
It should be noted that according to the report, which was published as part of the Chinese International Electronic Literature Week 2023, the majority of readers are under 35 years old.
To date, more than 6 thousand electronic works of Chinese literature have been published in paper form in Asian countries, while the number of translated e-books exceeds 9 thousand.