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Beijing Zoo is home to Panda YAYA again

076daa3a3cc741c49e02e189abe024e8The animal returned to the Beijing zoo from the USA, where the panda was sent in 2003 as an envoy of friendship.

The female was brought to the Beijing Zoo on Monday, before that the panda was quarantined in Shanghai, where the animal had been since April 27. This was reported in the State Administration of Forestry and Steppe Economy of the People's Republic of China.
The Beijing Zoo was preparing in advance for the return of Ya – specialists prepared a special aviary for her, medical care, took care of the necessary nutrition and developed a care plan. Panda's condition is stable.
Note that zoo visitors will not be able to look at the panda – the animal needs rest due to its advanced age. In addition, the female needs more time to adapt.
At the same time, everyone will be able to read information about panda YAYA in a special microblock of the zoo.
Recall that Yaya was born in the Beijing Zoo in 2000. She and the male panda Lele were sent to the Memphis Zoo in the USA in April 2003 as messengers of friendship. Lele died of heart disease in February of this year, shortly before the couple's planned return to China.