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Ancient burials found in northeast China

d3a438f2c5ee8d037269629a285eda69 ce 2000x1050x0x178 cropped 1200x628Archaeologists have discovered a number of graves dating back to the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220 AD) in the Chinese county of Linghai, Liaoning Province.

This was reported on Thursday by the Xinhua news agency.
As a result of the excavations started in March, which were carried out by the Institute of Cultural Relics of Liaoning Province, more than a hundred different items of funeral equipment were found. Among them are pots, urns, plates, models of furnaces and wells. Su Junqiang, a researcher at the institute, also reported the discovery of graves, eight of which were lined with bricks. According to Su Junqian, in one of the graves, archaeologists found a coffin with a well-preserved human skeleton inside.
According to archaeologists, the internal structure of the tombs and the nature of the objects found suggest that they belong to the Eastern Han Dynasty. This discovery indicates that the territory of modern Linghai, where excavations were carried out, was also in the sphere of influence of ancient Chinese rulers, the report says, writes TASS.