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China has developed an olfactory interface

1684148378205Chinese researchers have developed a wireless olfactory VR interface that allows users to sense various smells of products such as rosemary, mojito, pancakes and durian.

This is stated in an article recently published in the scientific journal Nature Communications.
To date, human-computer interface systems have been created that simulate vision, sound and touch in virtual reality/VR/, and there were no olfactory feedback systems.
Scientists from the Beijing University of Aviation and Cosmonautics, as well as the Hong Kong City University took part in the research. The odor generators they have created have demonstrated outstanding performance in various aspects, including response speed, odor concentration control, long continuous operation, high mechanical or electrical stability, and low power consumption.
The researchers created two models of the VR interface. The first is equipped with a miniature fragrance generator, which is attached to the skin under the nose and can reproduce two flavors to choose from. The second includes a soft mask that can give out nine different flavors.
It is believed that the novelty will find wide application in the field of entertainment and education, Xinhua News writes.