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More than 500 thousand residents of the Chinese province of Jiangxi were affected by heavy rains

7eb5014462af4841a34a701e3f95b4b6Torrential rains hit the eastern Chinese province of Jiangxi.

As a result of the violence of nature, 536 thousand residents suffered.
This was reported in the regional headquarters for flood and drought control. According to the organization, due to heavy rains that lasted 3 days, 16 thousand people had to be evacuated, while the economic damage amounted to more than $ 90 million.
At the moment, the emergency response mode for level 4 floods has been canceled due to the fact that precipitation has stopped. At the same time, the flood season in Jiangxi province is not over yet, the responsible departments will continue to monitor weather changes.
It should be noted that China has a four-level emergency response system related to adverse weather conditions, where the 1st level is the highest, Xinhua News writes.