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China approves clinical trials of new COVID-19 vaccine

tinh nguyen vien ke chuyen thu vac xin dau tien phong covid 19 cua tq 1Chinese authorities have allowed a third vaccine made by the national pharmaceutical company Sinopharm to be tested on humans.

This was reported by Sinopharm.

"The coronavirus vaccine has received approval for clinical trials from the National Health Products Administration," the report said.

The company noted that this is the third vaccine developed by its specialists. The technical characteristics of the drug differ from the previous ones. The other two vaccines were inactivated (with the virus "killed"). New-recombinant, or, in other words, vector. "Live virus and other infectious materials are not involved in the entire manufacturing process [of the new vaccine]," the company said.

One of the Sinopharm vaccines was approved for market release in China at the end of December 2020. The developer said that its drug according to the interim results of the third phase of clinical trials showed an effectiveness of 79.3%, according to RBC.

Earlier, NIA-China reported that Chinese Foreign Ministry assessed the work of WHO experts in Wuhan.