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China strengthens security measures for May holidays

20230502d4c662269560479ab62f5d37a96a5836 f597b9ba 2be7 4f5b 976c 02733f7dde8aThe Chinese authorities have taken the necessary measures to ensure that citizens travel around the country during the May holidays without incident.

Thus, security measures have been strengthened by employees of railways, energy supply organizations and civil aviation throughout China. Thus, the country installed additional charging for electric vehicles in the service areas of expressways and checked the power supply facilities for transport.
Local subsidiaries of China Railway have brought more high-speed trips to tourist destinations on the line, as well as improved the quality of service on trains: they have prepared new sets of bed linen for citizens, and made the food in the dining cars more diverse.
Airports in major cities have worked on leveling traffic near terminals, and also tried to reduce the waiting time for passengers, writes XINHUA.NET