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China demanded that the United States stop selling weapons to Taiwan

1840759659 0 0 3072 1728 1920x0 80 0 0 839443d16e16aa821b6a46d528ea19d7China has made a submission to the United States because of the approval of a possible deal to sell Taiwan ammunition for American F-16 fighter jets and equipment worth more than $ 600 million, Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Tan Kefei said on Friday.

"China strongly opposes the sale of arms to Taiwan by the United States. The actions of the United States are gross interference in China's internal affairs, seriously violate the principle of "one China" and the provisions of the three joint Sino-American communiques, cause serious damage to China's sovereignty and security interests, and also pose a serious threat to peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait," Tan Kefei said, quoted by the country's defense ministry. He added that "China expresses sharp dissatisfaction in this regard and has already made a strict representation to the United States."
"China demands that the United States stop selling arms to Taiwan and military contacts with Taipei, stop interfering in the Taiwan issue and aggravate tensions in the Taiwan Strait," Tan Kefei said. He stressed that the People's Liberation Army of China has always been ready to meet the enemy fully armed, to repel the provocations of forces advocating Taiwan's independence and the interference of external forces, and is always ready to resolutely defend the state sovereignty and territorial integrity of the PRC, RIA Novosti writes.