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In China, more than 50 products of tricolor ceramics aged 1.3 thousand years were found in the tomb

1020918582The find was discovered during excavations in one of the districts of Jinan city, where over 240 tombs have been found since 2021, which date back to the period from the late Neolithic to the Qing Dynasty.

Archaeologists have discovered more than 50 objects of tricolor ceramics in a tomb in eastern China, the age of which is estimated at about 1.3 thousand years. This was reported on Friday by Xinhua news agency.
The find was made during excavations in one of the districts of the city of Jinan, located in the eastern province of Shandong. Since 2021, over 240 tombs have been discovered at this site, which date from the Late Neolithic to the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).
According to the inscription on the tomb in which the porcelain was discovered, the burial was carried out in the third year of the Kaiyuan era (713-741) of the Tang Dynasty (618-907), which is considered the golden age in Chinese history. The excavated pottery has a different shape. Among them there are figures of horsemen on horses, camels and carts.
As explained by He Li, who led the excavations from the Jinan Institute of Archaeology, tricolor porcelain of the Tang Dynasty has never been found in Shandong Province in such quantity. 20 pieces of white porcelain were also found in the tomb, which gives specialists new material for studying the evolution of pottery during the Tang Dynasty, writes TASS.