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Past and present in Chinese art: China National Academy of Painting presents productions of the leading country's artists

cultureChina National Academy of Painting in Beijing shows paintings, calligraphic works, sculptures and prints by 28 artists in their 60s.

The exhibition examines the different approaches to art by the featured artists, who are recognized as the leading figures of the country's art scene, as chinadaily informs. 

The show includes both the works which once helped the artists rise to fame and their creative productions. By comparing the past and present, the exhibition reviews the evolution of Chinese art over the past four decades, when confrontations between traditions and new movements, Eastern and Western cultures, historic narratives and individual perspectives have been evident in the work of artists.

And it seeks for resolutions to promote artistic creation to a higher level while attesting to the social needs in an ever-changing time.

Let us note, the exhibition runs through Feb 20.