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China will build a satellite communication ground station in Antarctica to study the oceans

shutterstock 3473760The Chinese Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation has won a tender for the construction of a satellite communication station in Antarctica to study the oceans.

This was reported on Thursday by the newspaper "Zhongguo qingnyanbao".
According to the publication, the cost of the project is estimated at 43.95 million yuan (6.54 million dollars at the current exchange rate). The facility is planned to be built in the area of the Chinese Antarctic station "Zhongshan", its activities will be supervised by the State Center for Applied Satellite Research of the Oceans of the People's Republic of China.
According to the authors of the newspaper, this is an important event in the field of deep ocean research in China. It is assumed that the new satellite communication station will contribute to the active implementation of projects aimed at the intensive development of the maritime economy, writes TASS.