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In China, a record low temperature was recorded on the border with the Russian Federation

pexels photo 818760Chinese meteorologists have recorded abnormally low temperatures in the city of Mohe, located on the border with Russia (northeastern Heilongjiang province).

As the information portal "Luvan" reported on Tuesday, the thermometer dropped to 53 degrees Celsius below zero, updating the national record of 1969.
The previous record was 52.3 degrees below zero. Temperatures below minus 50 degrees remain in Mohe for three days.
At another 12 meteorological stations in Heilongjiang province, the temperature came close to record values.
The city district of Mohe is located on the bank of the Amur River and borders with such Russian regions as the Trans-Baikal Territory and the Amur Region. The population of Mohe County is about 65 thousand people, writes TASS.