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Hainan is preparing to host the Boao Forum at the end of March

4907a22a8b244a39b9944a172ff6bd62 copyhe South Chinese province of Hainan is preparing to host the Boao Asian Forum (BAF), which will be held at the end of March on the east coast of the island.

According to BAF Secretary General Li Baodong, the forum will focus on development, security and global governance.
"In 2023, our forum will focus on the most pressing development issues of Asia and the whole world," he said at a press conference. - We will make every possible effort to strengthen mutual understanding between all countries on issues related to the recovery of the global economy after the pandemic. BAF will help the international community to strengthen strategic coordination, strengthen solidarity and cooperation."
According to the Secretary General, according to tradition, representatives of the top leadership of China, politicians, heads of international organizations, businessmen, heads of large companies and leading experts will take part in the forum. "Together they will discuss important prospects for the development of the Asian region and the whole world," he added. According to Li Baodong, the upcoming forum will provide favorable opportunities for interaction between small and medium-sized businesses. Special attention is planned to be paid to the promotion of projects of the international initiative "One Belt, One Road", innovation and ecology.
The Boao Forum has been held regularly since 2001 and has 29 participating countries (States of the Asia-Pacific region). In 2020, it did not take place due to the pandemic, but in 2021 and 2022 it was held in full-time format. The BAF is called the Eastern Davos - it is a major platform for signing important agreements, coordinating positions between representatives of business and government circles in Asia and other regions of the world. The Chinese authorities consider this mechanism as an effective tool of soft diplomacy, which contributes to the activation and strengthening of Beijing's international contacts, writes TASS.