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Beijing authorities are asking residents not to leave their homes unnecessarily due to the COVID-19 outbreak

beijing ioThe municipal authorities of the Chinese capital have asked residents of the city of 22 million not to leave their homes unless absolutely necessary because of one of the largest outbreaks of COVID-19 since the beginning of the pandemic.

This statement was made on Thursday at a special briefing by the deputy head of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention of Beijing, Liu Xiaofeng.
"It is necessary to reduce social activity, reduce the movement of people between districts, use flexible working hours and online training," he said. Due to the difficult epidemiological situation, he urged citizens "not to leave their areas of residence unless absolutely necessary, not to leave the house, not to gather, and in case of going outside to take protective measures."
In addition, the representative of the authorities urged residents of the city to immediately contact medical institutions if the slightest symptoms appear.
In Beijing, a record incidence of COVID-19 has been observed in the last few days: for the third day in a row, the authorities have detected about 1.5 thousand new cases of the disease. In total, since the beginning of November, more than 10.6 thousand infected COVID-19 have been detected in the city. Of these, about 7 thousand are asymptomatic carriers of the disease, writes TASS.