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China in January - October reduced gas imports by 10.4%

FB5pfhlWEAQSmxfThe volume of natural gas imports to China in January - October decreased by 10.4% year-on-year, amounting to 88.74 million tons, and oil - by 2.7%, to 413.53 million tons.

This was reported on Monday by the Main Customs Administration of the People's Republic of China.
According to data published on the agency's website, in value terms, gas imports for the specified period increased by 39.6%, to $55.19 billion. Oil imports in monetary terms increased by 46.6% to $302.67 billion.
In addition, in the first ten months, China reduced the volume of coal imports by 10.5%, to 230 million tons. In monetary terms, imports of this type of fuel increased by 37.3% to $34 billion.
Russia is one of the leading suppliers of hydrocarbons to China. The scale of Russian-Chinese cooperation in the field of energy is constantly increasing.
According to official statistics, China's oil imports increased in 2021 in value terms by 44.2%, to $257.33 billion, gas - by 67.6%, to $55.8 billion. The physical volume of energy purchased abroad during this period amounted to 512.97 million tons (a decrease of 5.4%) and 121.35 million tons (an increase of 19.9%), respectively.