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China has called on the US to lift the trade, economic and financial blockade of Cuba

original copy copy copyChina calls on the United States to immediately lift the trade, economic and financial blockade of Cuba.

This was stated at a briefing on Thursday by Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian, commenting on a meeting of the UN General Assembly on a draft resolution on lifting the US embargo from Cuba.

"The Chinese side calls on the United States to immediately and completely lift the economic, commercial and financial blockade of Cuba, in accordance with the basic purposes and principles of the UN Charter, as well as the key norms of international relations to develop normal interstate relations with other UN member states," he said.

As the diplomat stressed, "this corresponds to the common interests of the peoples of the United States and Cuba, contributes to peace and stability in the region."

The United States severed diplomatic ties with the island nation in 1961 in response to the nationalization of American property. On February 3, 1962, Washington announced the imposition of a trade and economic embargo against Cuba. The fight for its abolition is among the priorities of Havana's foreign policy.

Since 1992, Cuba has annually submitted to the UN General Assembly a draft resolution on the need to lift the American embargo. The overwhelming majority of the member states of the world organization invariably vote in support of the document, writes TASS.