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In Shanghai, a yellow danger level was introduced due to the intense heat

7c0c52c64c376b2ab10ecd7f7f955fc9he Shanghai Meteorological Service announced a yellow danger level on Monday due to the intense heat in the metropolis.

The corresponding notification is posted on the official account of the department on the Weibo social network.
In some areas of the city, the thermometer rose to 35 degrees Celsius, and in some places exceeded this mark. Authorities are asking residents to reduce their time on the street and take the necessary precautions. Employers are urged to take into account the high temperature of the air when organizing the workflow.
This summer has become one of the hottest for Shanghai in the history of meteorological observations. The stifling heat with temperatures up to 40 degrees and above lasted in the city for almost two months in a row. In some regions of the country, according to the Central Meteorological Administration of the People's Republic of China, the heat wave has become the longest since 1961. By August 15, the hot weather in China lasted a total of 64 days. This exceeded the record of the summer of 1961, when such temperature regimes lasted a total of 62 days.
China has a four-level system of warning the population about natural disasters, which includes blue, yellow, orange and red colors, writes TASS.