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Investments in the road construction of the city of Sanya on Hainan for 10 years exceeded $ 1.9 billion

5891739Investments in the expansion and improvement of the quality of the road network in the city of Sanya on Hainan Island in 2012-2021 exceeded 13.5 billion yuan (approximately $ 1.9 billion at the current exchange rate).

As reported by the newspaper "Sanya Zhibao" with reference to official data, 88% of the specified amount is actually used investments.
According to the publication, the authorities pay attention not only to key highways, but also to auxiliary highways, thanks to which tourists can conveniently get to attractions located away from the central part of the city. In total, over the past 10 years, the Sanya Administration has launched 38 important projects for the construction of modern highways and adjacent infrastructure, 31 of them have already been fully completed.
Against the background of the dynamic expansion of the highway network that meets advanced international standards, the leadership of Sanya over the past few years has paid close attention to the development of other areas of transport, including air transportation. The length of one of the runways of Phoenix International Airport, the terminal area of which is 107 thousand square meters, exceeds 3.4 km - this makes it possible to receive both small aircraft and large airliners.
According to published statistics, by 2019, the Sanya Air Harbor has already started to serve more than 200 flights, providing regular air transportation to 123 cities. The airport's passenger traffic increased by 25% compared to 2015, to 20.16 million people.
The sphere of railway transportation is developing no less dynamically in Sanya: the length of the tracks passing through the city territory has exceeded 155 km, having increased by 55% in six years. A significant part of these roads are high-speed highways.
In addition, over the past decade, Sanya's status as a major transport hub in the field of maritime logistics has noticeably increased: there are 18 modern port zones in the city, one of which is designed specifically for servicing large cruise liners. Thus, as noted, local authorities in recent years have been able to create a multi-level complex infrastructure that allows tourists to travel quickly and comfortably, writes TASS.