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Shanghai starts to vaccinate against COVID-19 expats

000 93K9KHShanghai's municipal government has announced start of coronavirus vaccinating for expatriates in the city.

From March 29, the municipality will begin to include emigrants in the number of those who receive the domestic vaccine. However, foreign citizens will be able to receive a Chinese coronavirus vaccination if they sign a paper stating that they are informed of the possible consequences and are ready to take any possible risks.

Let us note that in order to get a COVID-19 vaccination, expats must make an appointment. They can use the Health Cloud app to do this. Each person will receive two doses of the vaccine.

In addition, if foreign citizens have health insurance, they are entitled to the same treatment as insured Chinese citizens. For the rest of the expatriates, the vaccine will be paid-100 yuan per dose.

Earlier, NIA-China reported that World needs Chinese, Russian vaccines.