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The Ministry of Education wants to launch the project "Russian teacher abroad" in China


03fa6b29a1b86b8d46f6bb3b727f22afThe Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation plans to launch a humanitarian project "Russian Teacher abroad", in which teachers from the Russian Federation are sent to a foreign country to teach local schoolchildren in China. This was reported on Wednesday on the agency's website.

"The humanitarian project "Russian Teacher Abroad" continues its work in various countries. From September 1, Russian teachers will again go to Vietnam to teach schoolchildren. Within the framework of the project, negotiations are underway on cooperation with the People's Republic of China," the published message says.
It is noted that educational projects with China are planned to be implemented within the framework of the direction "Educational and scientific exchanges" of the Russian-Chinese innovation park "Silk Road", one of the projects of strategic cooperation between the countries. Negotiations are underway on the organization of summer language schools and sports camps for children from the two countries, the opening of language and culture learning centers on the basis of the "Interdome" in the city of Ivanovo and in schools in the Chinese province of Shaanxi, the Ministry of Education adds.
The humanitarian project "Russian Teacher Abroad" is conducted by the Ministry of Education of Russia together with the national ministries of education of partner countries, its operator is the international education center "Interdom" named after E. D. Stasova. As indicated on the center's website, the geography of the project currently covers Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Serbia, Mongolia and Vietnam, it is also planned to launch in Turkey and Egypt.